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Staff Information

Principal: Mr. Ken Millard

Vice-principal:  Mrs. Nadia Young

Kindergarten Mrs. Eccles Secretary Mrs. Lamotte
Kindergarten Ms. Gupta Secretary Mrs. Tuura
Kindergarten Mrs. Musgrove Aboriginal Education Ms. Smith
Kindergarten Mrs. Nomura Child Care Worker Mrs. Gunderson
Kindergarten Ms. Smith Speech & Language Ms. Kleisinger
Grade 1 Teacher Ms. Glerean Education Assistant Mrs. Allison
Grade 1 Teacher Mrs. Gibson Education Assistant Ms. Beddington
Grade 1 Teacher Mrs. Mattiazzo Education Assistant Ms. Barzen
Grade 1 Teacher Mrs. Harris Education Assistant Ms. Blanco
Grade 1 Teacher Ms. Keech Education Assistant Mrs. Cupac
Grade 1 Teacher Ms. Ollenberger Education Assistant Mrs. Doddis
Grade 2 Teacher Ms. Caudwell Education Assistant Ms. Hill
Grade 2 Teacher Mrs. Devi Education Assistant Ms. Kuzmanoska
Grade 2 Teacher Mrs. Knowler Education Assistant Ms. Lane
Grade 2 Teacher Ms. Concepcion Education Assistant Ms. Morson
Grade 3 Teacher Ms. Mailley Education Assistant Ms. Pickering
Grade 3 Teacher Mrs. Moy Education Assistant Ms. Poznachuk
Grade 3 Teacher Mr. Tong Education Assistant Mrs. Rimar
Grade 3 Teacher Ms. Gilhespy Education Assistant Mrs. Sahota
Grade 3/4 Teacher Ms. Wang Education Assistant Mr. Safshekan
Grade 4 Teacher Mrs. Chang Education Assistant Mrs. Christopoulos
Grade 4 Teacher Mrs. Morson Education Assistant Ms. Virk
Grade 4 Teacher Mrs. Asad Education Assistant Ms. Wright
Grade 4/5 Teacher Mr. Dunning Education Assistant Mr. Haile
Grade 5 Teacher Ms. Siddall Education Assistant Ms. Tiwari
Grade 5 Teacher Ms. Davidson Education Assistant Ms. Petrovic
Grade 5 Teacher Ms. Zimmerman Education Assistant Ms. Powell
Grade 5 Teacher Mr. Schelp Education Assistant
Grade 5 Teacher Mr. Chan
Music Teacher Mr. Zaenker
Teacher Librarian Ms. Kaminsky ELL Mrs. Conlin
ELL Ms. Daredia
Teacher Ms. Favia ELL Ms. Mikoletic
Resource Ms. Ng ELL Mrs. Sidhu
Resource Ms. Russell
Resource Mr. Ruthven Counsellor Mr. Rowbottom

Highlights at Lord Kelvin Elementary School

New book extravaganza!

We have been purchasing many new books for our library and students are excited to be checking them out! more

Chromebooks for Student Learning

One of the new tools we have for learning this year is class sets of Chromebooks. more

Student Activities

Chess Club is in the library on Tuesdays at lunch time. This has been a wonderful opportunity for students to learn how to play chess more