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School Calendar


Here is the link for the current school calendar:  School Calendar 2019-2020

Here is the link for the 2020-21 school calendar:  School Calendar 2020-2021


The bell schedule has changed for September 2020. Please note the school day begins 5 minutes earlier and ends 5 minutes later. 

8:50 am – Welcome Bell

8:55 am – Instruction

10:45 am – Recess

11:00 am – Instruction

12:24 pm – Lunch

12:36 pm – Lunch Play Time

1:10 pm – Instruction

3:00 pm – Dismissal

Highlights at Lord Kelvin Elementary School

New book extravaganza!

We have been purchasing many new books for our library and students are excited to be checking them out! more

Chromebooks for Student Learning

One of the new tools we have for learning this year is class sets of Chromebooks. more

Student Activities

Chess Club is in the library on Tuesdays at lunch time. This has been a wonderful opportunity for students to learn how to play chess more