About Us - Learner Success

School Learning Plan for 2019-20

Our Goal:  Create a caring environment where all students are engaged, connected, and successful.

Staff are sensitive to student transition difficulties and work together as a learning community to nurture all learners so they are ready to learn to their potential.

How do we want our students to feel?

  • Engaged, excited about school and learning
  • Sense of belonging, connected, safe, secure, appreciated
  • Motivated to go to school and try new things
  • Supported
  • Connected by getting to know more people outside of their own classroom within the school
  • Highlighting seasonal flow of the school and our activities (we’re all in it together)
  • Sense of anticipation – students see things that they can look forward to learning and doing in the future at Lord Kelvin

We will continue to have:

  1. Celebration of Learning Assemblies (COLA)
  2. Slideshows put together by teachers for the whole school
  3. “Cookies and Juice” for student recognition with Mr. Millard bi-weekly
  4. Students doing morning “CLKS Radio News Broadcast”
  5. Students doing “CLKS TV News Broadcast” videos to whole school
  6. Student performances such as Hip Hop Dance Show
  7. Family Fun Friday (synchronized through the school)


How do we measure our goal’s success?

  • COLA Assembly (slides, videos, performances)
  • Using student reflections on their learning – “At the beginning of the school year I thought …, at the end of the school year I thought …”
  • Cookie & Juice Certificates (The ‘Why’)
  • School-wide visual (i.e. Cookies & Juice ‘cookie tree’)
  • Real-life environment feeling
  • Sensory room data collection
  • FreshGrade
  • Report cards
  • Classroom-based family sharing
  • Newspaper articles
  • School-wide performances & activities (i.e. Hip Hop Dance, May Day, Christmas Concert, Multicultural Week)