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July 14, 2021

Ping Pong table from Mrs. Paul

Table tennis anyone? We now have our own outdoor ping pong table thanks to Mrs. Paul!  Our music teacher for 42 years, Mrs. Paul, retired at the end of June and wanted to leave something for the students of Lord Kelvin – something they could enjoy everyday at school. So, she decided to get a beautiful concrete ping pong table that could be used undercover anytime of the year.

We are so thankful for this generous gift to the Lord Kelvin School community! It has been very popular with students who are learning to play table tennis and becoming quite good already.

Karim Hachlaf, our Superintendent, dropped by to play a quick game with Principal Ken Millard on the day the table was delivered.

Thank you, Mrs. Paul, for all your wonderful teaching over the past years. You have touched the hearts and minds of thousands of children in such a positive way. And your generous gift will be used and cherished for many years to come!

Mrs. Paul with the new ping pong table she is leaving for our community.