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June 16, 2022

Eggvention Drop on June 24

We are excited to have the assistance of the New Westminster Fire Department in the return of our ‘Eggventions Drop’ on June 24 at 11:30 am!

After a two year absence, we will be enjoying the ADST (Applied Design Science & Technology) challenge for students to build a device using found materials that will protect an egg in a fall of about 6 metres.

All students, kindergarten to Grade 5, are invited to work with others or on their own to create a structure that prevents any damage to a raw egg. This will not be done in class, but rather is an optional activity for students to do at home. Completed works are to be brought to school on Friday, June 24. They will be collected and given to the firefighters to bring up on the ladder and drop to the hard packed gravel ground. Then we’ll see if their design was successful!

‘Eggventions’ must be able to fit into a grocery bag. Materials used must be found materials and anything purchased for the project must not total more than $10.

Good luck!