Grade 5 Transition

The move from grade 5 in elementary school to grade 6 in middle school can be a big step for students. We work to make the transition a smooth one in a variety of ways.

Teachers, counselors, principals and other staff from our school have an articulation meeting with Fraser River Middle School staff to discuss each student.  This discussion is meant to provide a transfer of understanding so the new staff will be able to work with the students in ways that bring success.

Students and their teachers take a tour of Fraser River School in June to see the school ‘in action’ and get a feel of what it will be like. Parents of grade 5 students are also invited to participate in the tour of FRMS.

In some cases, we provide a transition plan for students.  This may include additional visits to FRMS during the school day as well as meeting FRMS staff who can help bridge the two schools.

For an overview, click here for our Transition Timeline

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